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Tour Agenda

Join us for an exclusive 4-DAY Swiss Business Immersion Tour in Zurich from September 25th to 28th! Delve into Switzerland's financial prowess, explore investment opportunities, legal insights, and the thriving venture capital ecosystem. 

Limited to just 20 participants.

DAY 1 | 7 of November 
Swiss promo.

Part 1: Meeting with Swiss government officials. Arrival in the picturesque city of Lausanne. You’ ll engage with government representatives who will shed light on the factors that make Switzerland an appealing destination for establishing European representative offices. Swiss government representatives will Introduce you to Supportive Government Initiatives Official government representatives of Switzerland will make for you introduction into the Switzerland Business ecosystem.

Part 2: Your gateway to innovating You’ll have a tour in INNOVAUD - one of the largest innovation and investment promotion agency.Innovaud has a long history of supporting innovation by startups, scale-ups, SMEs and large tech companies. Here you’ll get an informative presentation of the Swiss investment system and investment features.

Part 3: Immersion in technoheart of Switzerland. Tour into Cybersecurity and Biotech Technoparks Innovation hub for startups, companies, and research institutions. Access to cutting-edge technologies. Networking with entrepreneurs, researchers, and industry experts. Attracts top global talent for investment opportunities. Supportive ecosystem with mentorship, funding, and resources. Exciting chance to explore, connect, and discover investment prospects.

Meeting with Switzerland law firm .jpg

DAY 2 | 8 of November 
Meeting with  law firm and banks

Part 1: Find out all legal and banking aspects of business in Switzerland Types of Bank Accounts for Non-Residents: Why is Switzerland an attractive entry point for foreign companies to access the European market? The process of opening a representation and what needs to be taken into account? Differences between cantons. What assistance can an entrepreneur expect from the government? Business financing in Switzerland. Export agreements with the EU, payment reception, payment for representatives in different EU countries, and other operational questions for companies with representations in Switzerland. Unique opportunities for companies opening their office in Switzerland – access to innovations, the labor market, etc.

Part 2: We will cover the following subjects: Legal Requirements for Business Registration; Corporate Governance in Switzerland; Taxation for Businesses; Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering; Legal and Regulatory Framework.

DAY 3 | 9 of November
Education with VCs from Switzerland.
Networking opportunities on Unicorn Pitches Zurich

Part 1: Excursion in Technopark Zurich  Technopark Zurich has been the epicenter of the Swiss startup scene for around three decades. Nowhere else in this country can so many company founders be found in one place. Technopark Zurich offers a stimulating environment that facilitates innovation in the market and contributes to the creation of new jobs and enhanced economic viability. With a successful mix of players from various industries, clusters, universities, research institutes, start-ups, established enterprises and an attentive tenant selection, Technopark Zurich has become a widely recognized brand.

Part 2: Education with VCs from Switzerland.  Meeting with VC’s. You will have the opportunity to meet renowned VC’s from Switzerland who will provide insights on the following topics:: Early stage investments; Investing in round A and later stages; Corporate VC’s investments; Investments in Swiss real estate and their key advantages; Venture and crypto investments – opportunities and existing advantages specifically in Switzerland; Investment strategies of Swiss Venture Funds.

Part 3: Networking opportunities on Unicorn Pitches Zurich It's part of the World's Largest Startup Pitch Contest where famous international VCs and Business Angels meet extraordinary startups from all over the world!


DAY 4 | 10 of November
Immersion in the atmosphere of Switzerland.

​Part 1: Delve into the city's roots as a medieval trading center, where its strategic location at the crossroads of Europe facilitated economic growth and cultural exchange.

Part 2: You'll get a significant experiences from: Visiting a cheese factory, to savor the finest Swiss cheeses. Indulgence in the most extraordinary chocolates for which Switzerland is renowned.  Tour of the watch factory, where you will delve into the rich history behind crafting exceptional timepieces.

Part 3: Afterparty Enhance your post-event experience with an extraordinary afterparty that goes beyond mere relaxation.  Discover an unparalleled opportunity to build and strengthen valuable connections within the network. Unwind in style while fostering meaningful relationships that will leave a lasting impact.

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